Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas eve~ 24th December 2008~

My 17th Birthday!!!

Birthday song time.. *que music*

The cake was so yummy even my face was eating it:P

OMeGosh! i had to give a speech~ n i hate giving speeches>.<

tts me touching my hair as i make my speech.. i guess i fiddle when i'm nervous...

Next my sis n my mom gave a speech for me.. i love them so muchie!!:D

a pic of my sis makin a speech~

Lol! then vinesh made a speech!
He did a "Tuan haji speech imitation",
a "mr.arasu speech"n a "mr.aru one"
I'm sure louis is gana, if he hasn't yet.. post it on fb
as louis is included in the speech.. so is roshiv!

vinesh can become a stand-up comedian!:D

louis guests stars...hahaha...

We played Pass the Ballon!LoL!
when the music stops whoever ha sthe ballon will get a consequence!xD
it was quite funny as u can imagine.. hehe

pasing the green ballon.. (music playing in
the backround)

roshiv being punished:P

Adrian having to act liek a!

Me and the guys!

Me and the girls!

~kee en, me, jellyne n tash~

jelly, tash, candz, sars(lol), me & joo yun~

lars,kp,bro n chong chillin n posing... n looking 4 song to sing:P

part 2 on the way....

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Lourdez' Kissing Booth

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Friday, October 10, 2008

My first blog!

wahaha.. This i slourdezzz.... obviously (duh?).. :P
hehe well thanks 4 stopping by.. forgive me if its not that interesting.. i juz started out.. im a newbie at this whole blogging thiong...hehe
So if any kind soul who knows how to blog.. feel free 2 give me tips.. it would be helpful and appreciated:D

Take care now!
~lovez lourdez~